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Home  >  Asia. Georgia  >  Ascent of the Kazbek Mountain from Georgia (accompanied by an Adventure Team guide)

Programms » Ascent of the Kazbek Mountain from Georgia (accompanied by an Adventure Team guide)

Ascent of the Kazbek Mountain from Georgia (accompanied by an Adventure Team guide)
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Tourism types: Mountaineering, climbing
Region: Asia » Georgia
Level of Proficiency: Good physical/athletic fitness as well as some basic mountaineering experience is an asset.
Length of Tour: 8 days, 7 nights

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Mount Kazbek is a double-headed extinct volcano and the eastern most 5000m high mountain in the Caucasus. Its massif includes two peaks: the Eastern Kazbek (5033) and the Western Kazbek (5015). From the Kazbek massif mighty and highly torn up glaciers run down to every side of it. To south east there goes the Gergeti Glacier, to north west, from the Mayli Plateau down to the Genalgon gorge there goes like a beautiful ice fall the Mayli glacier – the widest of all icefalls in the Caucasus. Down north there goes the Chach glacier, down north east, the Devdorak glacier, and down east, the Abano glacier.

Kazbek (Georgian: მყინვარწვერი — Ice Peak, Ossetic:  æ) is an extinct stratovolcano  and the eastern most 5000m high mountain in the Caucasus, is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus area, on the boundary between Russia and Georgia, in the eastern part of the Khokhsky mountain range. Its last eruption took place in year 650 BC.

The Military Georgian Road goes by the mountain. On one of the Kazbek slopes facing the Daryal Gorge (3600m) there is a non-functioning weather station, part of it has been converted into a cabin.

The first to ascent the Kazbek peak in 1868 was a 23 year old Englishman by the name of D. Freshfeld.

The first explorer who climbed up the mountain to perform some geological and meteorological research on its top was a Russian land surveyor A.V. Pastukhov (1889). He was accompanied by a 60 year old Ossetic guide Tepsariko Tzarakhov. The explorers set up a red banner on top of the mountain; in good weather it was clearly seen even from the city of Vladikavkaz. 

Route: Tbilisi Stepantzminda (Kazbegi) village (1750m) Weather Station (3675m) Kazbek Mountain (5033.5m) - Stepantzminda (Kazbegi) village Tbilisi.
For guests travelling by car: Vladikavkaz- Verkhny Lars Stepantzminda (border crossing, day time only)

Itinerary (show)
Day 1.
Arrival in Kazbegi. For guests arriving at Tbilisi or Kutaisi airports we may arrange a bus/car transfer to Kazbegi. Overnight stay in a guest house in Kazbegi village.

Day 2.
Walking tour to the Trinity Church in Gergeti (Georgian გერგეტის წმინდა სამება, Gergetis Tzminda Sameba) which is located 2170 m above the sea level. Preparation for the ascent. Overnight stay in a guest house.

Day 3.
Getting ready for a long trek to the Weather Station (duration: 7-9 hours, elevation: 3600m). Trekking to the church first (1.5hours), then to Sebertze glade (3-4 hours, elevation: 3200m). The path goes through the alpine grasslands, crosses the Sebertze pass and then goes gently down the rocky slope to the Sebertze glade. Trekking to the Weather station (duration: 3-4 hours, elevation: 3700m). First part of the trek is a rocky path going through moraines, and then it crosses the Gergeti Glacier and finally ascends from the Glacier to the Weather station by a steep scree slope. Optional: Group jeep transfer to the church; equipment transportation to the Weather station by horse (price: 4.000 rubles per horse, max load per horse: 75kg)

Day 4.
Acclimatizing trek to the Kazbek mountain pass (duration: 6 hours, elevation: 4000-4200m). Practicing ice and snow walking techniques supervised by the group guide.

Day 5.
Ascent of the Kazbek Mountain (5033m) and descent to 3700m point. Departure: 4 AM. Ascent duration: approximately 8 hours. Descent down the same path: 3-4 hours. Return point from safety conditions: 14 hours. Accommodation in tents or at the Weather station.

Day 6.
Spare day reserved in case of bad weather.

Day 7.
Departure: 9 AM. Descent to the glade where the Tzminda Sameba church is located. Automobile transfer down to Kazbegi. Accommodation in a guest house. Dinner, handing out certificates.

Day 8.
Price includes (show)
- Board during the ascent and the price of gas for gas stoves;
- Automobile transfers to the monastery and back;
- Tent site fee at the Weather Station
- Accommodation at the guest house (shelter) in Kazbegi (hotel 2* to 4* accommodation possible on request, for extra price).
- Collective gear (ropes, ice axes, GPS, radio set, gas stoves);
- Collective gear transportation by horse (food, gas cylinders etc)
- Highly experienced guide: one per every four guests
- Assistant guide: per a group of more than 5 persons
Price does not include (show)
The tour price does not include:
- Flight to/from Georgia
- Mountaineering insurance
- Personal mountaineering equipment rent
- A tent
- Board in Kazbegi
- Accommodation at the Weather Station shelter
Documents required (show)
All foreign tourists must hold a passport (or national ID card, if an EU citizen) valid for 3 months.
Visa requirements. You can find information about visa in Georgia on offician website
Clothes and equipment (show)

Sleeping bag (temperature rating: -20°);
Crack pad is advisable; you’ll feel warmer sitting on rocks.

Clothes and footwear
- A sweater or a fine fleece shirt
- A fleece or wind block jacket and pants
- Membrane Gore Tex type jacket and pants
- Warm hat
- Protective face mask or Balaclava type helmet
- A goose down jacket may also be a good choice
- Thermal underwear
- Plastic or leather mountaineering boots (preferably welted, to be fitted with automatically binding crampons);
- Warm socks made of modern synthetic fiber;
- Wind block gloves and upper gloves, to be worn on top of thin gloves;
- A hat, a face mask or a Balaclava helmet, to protect your face from cold and wind;
- Usual summer clothes: T-shirts, light pants or shorts, light shoes or sandals;
- Sun protecting cap with a peak, a bathing suit and flip-flops are also advisable.
- Since it often rains, a light raincoat is also advisable.

Personal Equipment:

- A harness, preferably light and comfortable for walking;
- 3 karabiners;
- Climbing ropes;
- Ice axe;
- Trekking poles
- Mountaineering and mountain skiing goggles (mask)
- Sun protection cream
- Crampons, preferably automatically binding (if they can be fitted to your boots);
- Head light;
- A back pack to be used during the ascent (light, 35-45 liters);
- A thermos/ water flask;
- A sleeping bag (temperature rating: -10°)
- A mat;

One tent per 2 persons.
All equipment and clothes needed for the ascent can be rented.

Safety (show)
Your guides will see to your safety provided that you comply with all the safety and accident prevention rules. Your guide will carry a radio set, a GPS set, a mobile phone and all the collective gear you may need.
The decision to terminate the ascent under any conditions threatening the partys safety lies within the sole authority of the guide attending the group. Such decision if made by the guide is not subject to any debates.
The guide is responsible for taking measures ensuring the partys safety in all types of mountain terrain.

Each guest must have an Extremal sports life and personal accident insurance.
Additional information (show)
Our Companys Guide will accompany you throughout the tour. The whole staff of AlpIndustria-Tour is always at your service
Medical service (show)
The guide will have a first aid kit. In case of emergency, he will be able to contact, any time and any place, an Emergency Service rescue team. Guests are requested to have their specific or personal drugs.
Climate and weather conditions (show)
The climate is typical of mountain areas and it is alpine on most mountain slopes. The Caucasus mountain range forms the boundary between the Eurasia moderate and the Mediterranean subtropical climate zones. On the other part, the climate itself as well as the temperature, air humidity and air circulation speed are highly affected by the slope altitude and its terrain, and each slope is unique in this respect. It applies to Mount Kazbek as well. Significant temperature fluctuations and heavy precipitations (rain, snow, hail and hoar frost) are typical of the glacier zone; this is an area dominated by the cold alpine climate and it has a high level of solar radiation. The weather on the slopes of Kazbek and in Alpine areas is extremely changeable and unsteady: even on a hot summer day heavy and thick clouds may form in no time, and periods of foul weather may last for 3-5 days. The average temperature in the Alpine grassland zone (2000m) is approx -8 in January, in August (the hottest month in this part of Central Caucasus) +13.
Air humidity: approx 80%
Annual precipitation: up to 1500mm
Board (show)
In Kazbegi, HB (breakfast and dinner).
On active tour your guide will cook for you; for day trips, lunch boxes are provided (containing a sandwich, a fruit, biscuits, chocolate and a box of juice). A usual meal includes soup, mashed potatoes, rice, vegetable salads, chicken, sausages, sweets and jam, tea and coffee. Hot meals are cooked of dried and canned food.
- St Nino (Nina) is considered the Baptist and the heavenly patroness of Georgia. According to an old legend, in 326 she baptized the people of Mtzheta, Georgias ancient capital, with a cross made of two vines tied up with her own hair. This cross is exhibited in Sioni Cathedral in Tbilisi. During the Persian invasion 1795 it was kept in Tzminda Sameba Church.
- The Tzminda Sameba Church is described by Pushkin in his poem A Monastery in the Caucasus, he also mentions this church in his novel Travels to Erzurum. Apparently the same church is implied in another great Russian poet Lermontovs poem Demon where it is referred to as the church on the high peak.
- In the morning, in good and clear weather when theres still no haze, Mount Kazbek can be seen from both Tbilisi and Vladikavkaz.
 The Ermolov Rock is a natural site in North Ossetia, its a giant head of light colored granite with the measures of 30x17x15m, its total volume is approx 6000m3 and it weights approx 16,000 ton. It was brought down to the Terek plain by the Devdorak glacier and its considered the largest rock in Europe which has a similar story. It was named after General A.P.Ermolov (1777-1861), a hero of 1812 Patriotic War and the Detached Georgian Corps Commander, who also ruled in civil part, in other words, performed the functions of the governor in the Caucasus and in Astrakhan province, and he won his fame for taking strictest measures to establish the rule of the Russian empire in this region. As legend has it, Ermolov used to halt by this boulder every time he travelled along the Military Georgian Road.
- According to the ancient Georgian Kartlis Tzhovreba chronicle, St Josef gave in Vetlemi Monastery a piece of Abrahams tent to Irakly II, the Tsar of Georgia. Another legend connected with this place was retold by Ilya Chavchavadze, a Georgian poet. The legend says that the Lord erected Mount Kazbek above the monastery after a monk gave shelter in his cell to a shepherdess who has lost her way, and then gave in to her charms.

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Home  >  Asia. Georgia  >  Ascent of the Kazbek Mountain from Georgia (accompanied by an Adventure Team guide)

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