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Home  >  Russia. Altai  >  Trekking to Multa (Multinskie) lakes

Programms » Trekking to Multa (Multinskie) lakes

Multa Lake
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Tourism types: Adventures, Expeditions, Trekking
Region: Russia » Altai
Level of Proficiency: The tour doesn't require special athletic conditions; it is aimed at fit people.
Length of Tour: 12 days, 11 nights

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Lower Multa Lake and Middle Multa Lake are the pearls of Katun National Park. Lower Multa Lake is really beautiful, changing its colour depending on the light. Lower and Middle Lakes are connected with the channel Shumy (English: noises) full of stones. When the water passes through the stones it makes a peculiar noise. The culmination of the landscape is the mountains surrounding Upper Multa Lake: the glaciers are reflected in the mirror surface of the lake. If we are to mark Altai trekking tours according to their difficulty, the tour to Multa Lakes will be the first one.

Itinerary (show)
Novosibirsk Day 1. Novosibirsk
Departure from Novosibirsk at 20:00. Departure site - 65 Sovetskaya str (local time, time difference with Moscow +3 hours). Transfer in a comfortable bus.

Ust-Koksa Day 2. Ust-Koksa
We will take famous Chuya Highway in the middle of the rocky landscapes of the Altai Mountains, then we will cross Kanskaya plains to reach Uymonskaya valley. Arrival in Ust-Koksa village, receiving of equipment. Instructions. Participants' meeting.

Lower Multa Lake Day 3. Lower Multa Lake
At 9:00 depature for the village of Multa-Maralnik
Ascending by the Multa river to Lower Multa Lake. Start. There are a lot of wild berries and mushrooms during the tour. Arrival at the lake situated at 1710 meters above the sea level. When the weather is quiet, the mirror surface of the lake that is 2370 m long and 900 m wide reflects the clouds in the blue sky and the peaks of the nearest mountains. There is thymallus in the lake.

Upper Multa Lake. Day 4. Upper Multa Lake.
Free of load trekking to Upper Multa Lake hiding at 1860 m above the sea level in the deep rocky bowl at the lower boundary of the corrie glacier. The road crosses Shumy - a connection between Lower and Middle Lakes formed by the huge roundstones up to 20 m in diameter. The water crossing the border contrasts with a quiet smoothness of two lakes. From the hills of Katunskiy mountain range one can observe small waterfalls and the nearest peaks covered with ice and snow.

The Holodnye belki Plateau Day 5. The Holodnye belki Plateau
Free of load ascent by the river Multa
Transfer to the Holodnye belki Plateau (2350 m).
High mountains tableland is famous for the fact that 4 rivers start here (Proezdnaya, Zaichonok, Sugash, Mikhaylovka).

Kuyguk Lake Day 6. Kuyguk Lake
We pass to Kuyguk Lake. Tented camp organization among the majestic cedars next to one of the most beautiful waterfall of Altai - Kuyguk (25 m). For those who wish, there is a walk to the high mountain lake (2270 m).

Free of load trekking Day 7. Free of load trekking
Ascent to the peak (2909 m). It is a very steep rise that ends with a fabulous panoramic view. From here one can see all Katunskiy mountain range and Belukha mountain. A perfect opportunity for photo and video shot (elevation difference of 1100 m).

The Kuyguk mountain pass Day 8. The Kuyguk mountain pass
Kuyguk Lake - the Kuyguk mountain pass (difficulty level 1A, altitude 2520 m). The road passes a mirror lake, a cascade of small waterfalls and wild grasses of high mountain tundra. Kolban mountain and Akchan lake with its surprisingly turquois water are perfectly observed from the mountain pass. Overnight stop at the high mountain pass.

Akchan Lake Day 9. Akchan Lake
Akchan Lake - Kolban mountain (3022 m above the sea level). The Altai people consider the mountain sacred and there are a lot of interesting and romantic legends related to it. One can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from the peak.

Ust-Koksa Day 10. Ust-Koksa
Return trip to Ust-Koks village. Descending by the river Multa. Transfer to Ust-Koksa. Rest. Sauna (extra charge).

Ust-Koksa Day 11. Ust-Koksa
Rest. Handing out of the equipment. Leisure time. For those who are interested, riding tours in the surroundings are organized (extra charge) o 2 hours hikking tour (extra charge). After lunch there is a visit planned to Verkhniy Uymon village. It is one of the most ancient settlements of Ust-Koksa region. 300 years ago the old believers founded the village. There are two museums in the village:
Regional Museum of Nicholas Roerich and Old Believers Museum.
After the guided tour, at 17:00 departure for Novosibirsk.

Novosibirsk Day 12. Novosibirsk
Arrival in Novosibirsk. Approximate time of arrival in Novosibirsk - 11:00. Meal during the transfer is not included
Price includes (show)
full board (except meal during transfers),
service according to the tour program,
services of the guides,
group and individual equipment rent (tent, sleeping bag, mat, backpack, fire equipment),
insurance for the active part: medical insurance - 450000, accidents insurance - 30000, insurance: medical insurance - 150000, accidents insurance - 30000,
national park entrance,
guided tour to Verkhniy Uimon village,
tickets to Old Believers museum and the Roerich museum,
accommodation at the touristic camp Uymonskiy Kovcheg,
rent of horses for load transportation,
transfer Ust-Koksa - M-Maralnik - Ust-Koksa,
recreation fees.
Price does not include (show)
Transfer to Ust-Koks (3400 rubles),
meals durinf transfers.
During the tour you can order extras: riding tours, sauna, hikking and other excursions.
Documents required (show)
- birth certificate (for children under 14)
Clothes and equipment (show)

 Group equipment:
- tent (for 2-3 people)
- fire tent
- fire equipment and utensils
- rope
- carabiners
- medical set for the group

Clothes and equipment:
- backpack (70-80 l)
- mat (sleeping pad)
- sleeping bag (with comfort temperature of -5-10°—)
- rain protector
- trekking poles

Basic clothes set:
- down waistcoat or warm coat
- wind protecting jacket (nylon, gore-tex)
- wind protecting trouses (nylon, gore-tex)
- polartec jacket
- trekking trousers
- shorts
- T-shirts/long sleeves shirts - 2 units
- cotton socks - 3-4 pieces, wool socks - 2 pieces
- trekking boots
- sun cap with peak
- hat (wool, polartec)
- thin gloves

Extra equipment (not the last one!):
- sun glasses
- head light (Petzl, Black Diamond)
- thermos
- sun screen
- lip balm
- towel, soap, tooth brush and paste
- individual medication (if necessary)

Safety (show)
it is better to get a vaccine of the tick-borne encephalitis
Transport (show)
Consider that the road Novosibirsk to touristic camp consists of 50% of asphalt coat, the other 50% is grader preventing the bus form moving fast, besides there are mountain passes and curves slowing the traffic. Taking it into consideration, we should try to:
organize the group and depart on time . For that you should be available on the telephone you provide in the application form for the reception manager to be able to adjust the place and time of meeting
Notes (show)
The conditions of the tour to Multa Lakes
The tour doesn't require any specific preparation; it is aimed at fit people and is organized as a closed ring. It is better if you have some mountain tour experience.
The vaccine of the tick-borne encephalitis is obligatory. Day walking distance is of 10-20 km. The highest elevation difference during a tour is about 1000 m. The participants carry their personal belongings themselves.

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