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Home  >  Russia. Baikal  >  Skating on the Lake Baikal. A unique adventure

Programms » Skating on the Lake Baikal. A unique adventure

Skating on the Lake Baikal. A unique adventure
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Tourism types: Adventures, Expeditions, Mixed tours
Region: Russia » Baikal
Level of Proficiency: Practice in tour skating is obligatory
Length of Tour: 8 days, 7 nights

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It’s a great chance to see the pure ice of the Lake Baikal, touch the sacred shrines of Siberia, feel the power of the lake and absorb its beauty. It’s an exciting adventure on the background of fantastic scenery of a frozen lake. It’s crashing the night at the campfire and having a wonderful Siberian sauna. A journey to the Lake Baikal is unforgettable experience, which you want to have over and over. This expedition will definitely become an annual tradition.


The main advantages of skating on the Lake Baikal are quite obvious.

There's no need to carry your backpack because you'll drag the sledge with all your stuff behind and your shoulders will be free of load. The speed can rise up to 20 kilometer per hour. But most importantly, it's an exceptional pleasure to experience skating on the pure ice while admiring the beauty of the lake. We're going to pass through the places not far from the outer side of the Olkhon island where the depth can reach 1,5 kilometer. We're going to soar like birds over the abyss.

Video report from the skating trip Goryachinsk - Olkhon - Listvyanka on Baikal in March 2013. Watch here!

Video report from the skating trip around the Olkhon island in March 2016. Watch here!

Itinerary: Irkutsk - Buguldeyka - Baikal - Listvyanka - Irkutsk

Itinerary (show)
Arrival Day 1. Arrival
Arrival in Irkutsk. Morning flight S7 08:05, Aeroflot 08:25, meeting the group at the airport, transfer from the airport to Buguldeyka, overnight stop in Zarechnoye Estate, equipment fitting, dinner included.
FYI Buguldeyka used to be a workers settlement for timber rafting near the Lake Baikal, and there used to be a marble quarry there.

First travelling day Day 2. First travelling day
Transfer from the Estate to the lake. Training. 35 km from Buguldeyka to Akademicheskaya Bay. Overnight stop at the Baykal Dunes. Camping food: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
FYI we use special skates with 50-millmeter blades worn with mountaineering boots.

Second travelling day Day 3. Second travelling day
35 km from Akademicheskaya Bay to Bolshoye Goloustnoye. Overnight stop at the shelter. Camping food: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Third travelling day Day 4. Third travelling day
40 km from Bolshoye Goloustnoye to the Chernaya River (Bolshiye Koty). Overnight stop in the tent in good weather or at the shelter. amping food: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Fourth travelling day Day 5. Fourth travelling day
15 km from the Chernaya River (Bolshiye Koty) to Listvyanka. Overnight stop at the hostel in Listvyanka. Meals at your own expense or camping food: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Fifth travelling day Day 6. Fifth travelling day
Visiting The Seals Museum (Nerpinariy) and The Limnological Museum. Overnight stop at the hostel (Irkutsk). Meals at your own expense.

Sixth travelling day Day 7. Sixth travelling day
Transfer from Listvyanka to Irkutsk. Overnight stop at the hotel (Irkutsk). Food at your own expense.

Departure home Day 8. Departure home
Irkutsk. Departure.
Price includes (show)
- all transfers
- entrance tickets to excursions (Taltsy and other museums)
- accomodation at the shelters
- meals: dinner on the first day, three meals a day on the 2nd to the 5th days.
- renting a tent for an overnight stop on the ice
- professional guide
- renting skates and a sledge
- navigator
Price does not include (show)
- return ticket to Irkutsk
- health insurance
- meals in Irkustk, on the way on the first day
- meals in Listvyanka on the 6th and 7th day
- unexpected expenses
Documents required (show)
- passport
- visa
Clothes and equipment (show)

Special equipment:

- Skates. You must fit them and try to practice before the departure.
- Ski poles (NOT PLASTIC!), long, suitable for skate skiing. THE FERRULES MUST BE HARDMETAL!
- A 30-liter backpack for the down jacket and dinner, so that not to unpack the sledge every time.
- A sleeping-bag. The comfort temperature must be -15°C, as it's -30°C at night! If you choose a synthetic bag, first pay attention to the weight (at least 2,000 g). It is also good to combine two relatively cold sleeping bags, especially down and synthetic.
- A bag or a 70-100-liter backpack
- A sleigh with a rope, elastics and shackle.
- Hard mountaineering boots which fix the ankle joint well. Double plastic mountaineering boots, for example, is a good idea.


- Overboots with galoshes or mountaineering overboots. If your boots are not double, these will help to make them warmer.
- Gaiters.
- A ground pad. If it is inflated, you’ll need a personal repair kit.
- A sit pad.
- Dry sacks (for a sleeping bag and clothes).
- Sunscreen cream (SPF above 20).
- Sun goggles with a case for good weather (category 3 and more).
- A ski mask with the orange filter for bad weather and strong wind. Highly recommended.
- A windproof balaclava. The more of the face is covered, the better.
- A windproof mask covering everything, even a nose. Highly recommended, especially if the balaclava is open.
- A headlamp with a set of extra batteries.
- GPS with extra batteries (if you have it, you needn’t buy a special one for the trip)
- MSDK (Mug, Spoon, Dish, Knife). Please take big, broad-bottomed dishes (from 1 liter).
- A 1-liter thermos flask with a metal bottle.
- A personal medical kit.
- A toothbrush and toothpaste.
- Passport.
- Money (the sum is to be defined).
- Clothes.
- A down jacket with a hood. NOT for everyday wear, but for tourism!
- A sport cap.
- A wind jacket of performance fabric, with a hood.
- Trousers of performance fabric.
- Skiing trousers (thermal lined or made of warm thick Polartec®).
- Thermal underwear (preferably woolen).
- Two Polartec® jackets or a skiing jacket plus a Polartec® one.
- Windproof mittens (2 pairs).
- Overmittens (in case the mittens are not wind- and waterproof).
- Gloves (Polartec® or windproof).
- Warm underwear.
- Clean clothes for traveling home by air.
- Woolen socks.

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