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Home  >  Russia. Altai  >  Ascend of Belukha Mountain (Altay).

Programms » Ascend of Belukha Mountain (Altay).

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Nadezhda Novikova
Nadezhda Novikova
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Tourism types: Mountaineering, climbing, Trekking
Region: Russia » Altai
Length of Tour: 15 days, 14 nights

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Belukha is one of Russia’s tallest mountains (4506m above the sea level) and the tallest peak of the Katunsky Mountain range in Central Altai area. The range watershed is highly elevated in its eastern part and its three spurs form a peak topped with a snow white crown.
Mount Belukha is distanced equally from 3 of the world’s oceans: the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Indian, and it shapes the central peak of Eurasia gigantic continent. Its peak is often referred to as the principal roof top of the whole Central Asia mainland. Inside the continental part of Russia the Belukha mountain is unmatched by its absolute elevation, only the Klychevskaya Sopka volcano in Kamchatka (Pacific mountain range) surpasses it in its height (4750m). Mount Belukha is a majestic monument of Nature and a sacred area of the Altai Mountains. It’s been for centuries that its powerful aura keeps attracting numerous travelers, artists, writers and scientists.

The Ascend of Belukha tour may be roughly divided into two parts: its trekking part and its technical (mountaineering) part. Its trekking part starts in Tyungur village and goes up along forest trails into alpine area of the Altai mountains. While on trail, guests may enjoy the fantastic combination of snow white Altai rock giants and its evergreen boundless taiga forests. The trekking part ends in its amazing climax, the most scenic Akkemskoye lake reflecting the beautiful Belukha Mountain.




Ascent of Belukha mountain is technically a mountaineering route. First the guests climb a steep snow and ice slope to Delone mountain pass and then continue to Belukha-Berelskoye Saddle. It is from this saddle that they start on their ascent of the Belukha mountain. The ascent trail goes across rocks covered in snow, there are also some ice covered areas. A whole day is reserved for training before the ascent so guests have an opportunity to learn and practice their skills of moving across rocky, snow and ice terrains using mountaineering equipment. They will definitely need those skills while ascending the Belukha mountain.
Throughout the tour and the ascent, guests are accompanied and instructed by an AlpIndustria Adventure Team experienced guide.

Route: Route Thread: Barnaul city- Tyungur village- Kara-Tyurek mountain pass camp at the Akkemskoye lake Tomskiye Nochevki Delone Mountain pass - Belukha-Berelskoye Saddle Belukha Eastern - Belukha-Berelskoye Saddle - Delone Mountain pass Tomskiye Nochevki - camp at the Akkemskoye lake Three Birch Trees glade Kuzuyak mountain pass - Tyungur village - Barnaul city.

Itinerary (show)
Arrival in Barnaul. Day 1. Arrival in Barnaul.
Pickup from the airport, bus transfer to Ust-Koksa village. Lunch stop on the road. Transfer duration: 10-13 hours (750km). Arrival in Ust-Koksa, accommodation in tents in a tourist camp. Starting on the trail.

Arrival in Ust-Koksa village Day 2. Arrival in Ust-Koksa village
Arrival in Ust-Koksa village and starting on the trail. The road goes along the famous Chuysky Way and further on, across the Kanskaya steppe and then into the Uymon valley. Upon arrival in Ust-Koksa in the morning, guests receive their equipment, get instructed on safety on the trail and other matters and have lunch. After lunch, departure to Tyungur village and Elan terrain. From Elan Terrain the party treks to Izekeryu glade in the Kucherla river valley (1300m). On the way, a tour of rock grotto next to Kuylyu river with its over 100 rock drawings.

Kedrovaya Cedar campsite. Day 3. Kedrovaya Cedar campsite.
From Izekeryu glade to Kedrovaya (Cedar) campsite. The trail follows the valley of the Ish-Mesh river. The campsite is located on the border line between the taiga and the alpine grasslands.

Kara-Tyurek Day 4. Kara-Tyurek
This day, guests cross over the Kara-Tyurek mountain pass (appr 3050m high). In good weather it offers a wonderful view of Mount Belukha top and the Akkemskaya great wall. Descent to the Akkemskoye Lake. Laying out of camp next to the lake (not far from Emergency Service base camp).

Tomskiye Nochevki Day 5. Tomskiye Nochevki
Trekking from the Akkemskoye lake campsite to the next one, at Tomskiye Nochevki. This campsite is located under the northern wall of Belukha mountain mass, in the upper reaches of the Akkemsky glacier. Active mountaineering part of the ascent starts from here. Trek duration: 8-10 hours.

Tomskiye Nochevki Day 6. Tomskiye Nochevki
Day of rest at Tomskiye Nochevki. Practice on the glacier: learning safety and self-protection, ice walking techniques using crampons, practicing roped in. If weather permits, a short tour to Delone Mountain passes, for better acclimatization.

Belukho-Berelskoye Saddle Day 7. Belukho-Berelskoye Saddle
Early start, picking up the camp. Ascent of Delone Mountain pass across a snow and ice covered slope 300m long, at an angle of 45. The trail continues across a glacier (roped in), with an easy exit to Belukho-Berelskoye Saddle. Laying out a camp. Trek duration (from Tomskiye Nochevki campsite): 6-9 hours.

Ascent of Belukha Eastern Day 8. Ascent of Belukha Eastern
Ascent of Belukha Eastern (4506m). From the camp the party goes roped in across the Belukha mountain mass snow and ice slopes until it reaches the ridge.
Across the easy rock passages of the ridge, ascent of the gently sloping ridge below the mountain top. Ascent of the Belukha Peak. Descent taking the same trail. (Ascent duration from the camp: 5-8 hours).

Reserved day Day 9. Reserved day
Spare day reserved in case of bad weather.

Tomskiye Nochevki Day 10. Tomskiye Nochevki
Descent from the camp to Tomskiye Nochevki across the Delone Mountain pass, lunch, further descent to the Akkemskoye Lake. Night spend in tents by the lake. Trek duration, 10-14 hours.

Tri berezi campsite Day 11. Tri berezi campsite
Trekking from the Akkemskoye lake to the Three birch trees glade. Night spend in tents. Trek duration, 8-10 hours.

Ust-Koksa Day 12. Ust-Koksa
Trekking from the Three Birch Trees glade to Tyungur village across the Kuzuyak mountain pass. Accommodation at a tourist camp. Transfer from Tyungur to Ust-Koksa. At 17.00, departure to Barnaul.

Barnaul Day 13. Barnaul
Early morning, arrival in Barnaul, departure to Moscow.
Price includes (show)
Full board (except on the road)
Full service as planned by itinerary
Highly experienced mountaineering guide/
instructor service
Kitchen service
Rent of individual and collective equipment (tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, mats, fire and first aid kits, harness, climbing ropes (double, diameter: 8-10mm with a karabiner at the end), 3 karabiners, helmets, JuMar, ice axe or ice tool). No crampons provided, they should be chosen individually to fit the guests boots.
Accommodation in a mountain camping by the Akkemskoye Lake (on 3d, 8th and 9th day of the tour) equipped with a mess room, tents, gas cookers and toilets.
Transfer from Ust-Koksa to Tyungur and back
Horses to carry load on Days 2, 3, 4.
Recreation duties (all licenses).
Price does not include (show)
Transfer from Novosibirsk to Ust-Koksa and back (price: 3400 rubles per person)
Meals on the road
Steam bath fees.
visa sevicies
Clothes and equipment (show)

We strongly recommend that the guests are prepared for the worst weather possible and bring the full set of recommended clothes and mountaineering and trekking gear as listed below.


Mountaineering equipment:
Crampons fitting your boots
Climbing ropes (double, diameter: 8-10mm with a karabiner at its end).
3 karabiners
Reverse rappel/belay device
Ice axe or ice tool

Trekking gear(required for the mountaineering part of the tour as well):
Rucksack (volume: 70-90l)
Rain cloak/cover
Trekking poles
Mountaineering goggles (in hard case)

Camping gear.
- A cup, a plate, a spoon and a knife
- Light Thermos Flask (to hold your tea on the trail)
- Sleeping bag (temperature rating: -5-15°);
- A mat (a carry mat)
- A headlight with spare batteries and lamps
- A crash pad

- Light goose down or other warm jacket.
- Breathable membrane Gore Tex jacket and pants
- One fleece jacket
- One pair of fleece pants
- Thermal underwear (long)
- Long sleeved t-shirts/shirts (2 pairs)
- Gaiters (leg protection against snow and crushed stones)
- Woolen and cotton socks to suffice
- Light slacks and shorts
- Sun protecting cap with a peak
- Warm gloves (at least 2 pairs)
- Woolen or fleece hat
- Tube type scarf



- Heavy soled boots to be fitted with crampons;
- Trekking boots
- A pair of sandals or sneakers to wear in camp

Additional equipment
- A bag/holdall to carry your gear
- Waterproof cover for your rucksack
- Spare sun goggles (in hard case)
- Personal first aid kit (including basic drugs)
- Sun cream (sun protection factor: 50)
- Protective lipstick
- Toiletries

Please make sure that your boots are well worn in and comfortable (it is advisable that you wear them for at least a month before the start of the tour).

Additional information (show)
Good physical/athletic fitness as well as some mountaineering/ mountain tourism experience is required for the tour. The route is classified as 3A. Max elevation difference per day: 1,000m.
Guests have to carry their own load plus the load of collective equipment and food with is distributed between the party by the guide based on the partys particulars.
The itinerary provides one day for learning and practicing mountaineering techniques on ice and snow covered slopes.
The weather in the mountains may change unexpectedly which may lead to changes in the basic itinerary. Any decision concerning such change of the itinerary/trail is made by the guide.
Transport (show)
Transfer from Barnaul to Tyungur village and back: minibus.
Accommodation (show)
In tourist camps and on the route (both trekking and ascent) guests are accommodated in tents provided by Alpindustria Adventure Team. Hotel accommodation on request, for additional fee.
Service staff (show)
During transfer from Barnaul to Tyungur village and back: Alpindustria Adventure Team guide/rep, assistant guide (if provided by the itinerary), bus driver.
At the tourist camp: the camp staff, guide and assistant guide (if provided by the itinerary).

On active tour: guide and assistant guide (if provided by the itinerary).
Weather (show)
The weather in the Altai Mountains is quite unpredictable, so the itinerary and the ascent of Belukha tactics are subject to possible changes due to current weather conditions. Decisions are made by the guide accompanying the party.
Food (show)
-During transfer from Barnaul to Tyungur village and back not provided (guests have their meals at a café for additional price).
-While on active tour (trek and ascent): guests cook their meals (keenly supervised by their guide) using gas cookers provided by Alpindustria Adventure Team. Food stuff is purchased by the guests collectively based on their personal wishes and diet particulars.

Extra expenses possible:
- Meals during transfer
- Souvenirs

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