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Home  >  Russia. Altai  >  Trekking to legendary Belukha Mountain

Programms » Trekking to legendary Belukha Mountain

Trekking to legendary Belukha Mountain
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Nadezhda Novikova
Nadezhda Novikova
Telephone: +7 (495) 229-50-70 доб. 167
E-mail: chief@alpindustria-tour.ru
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Tourism types: Trekking
Region: Russia » Altai
Level of Proficiency: The tour doesn't require special athletic
Length of Tour: 12 days, 11 nights

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This mountain is called Belukha, Triokhglavaya, Istok Katuni. It is full of extremely picturesque Alp landscapes with mountain walls and deep valleys that always surprise all the travellers at these wonderful places. Our route crosses all the important sites from Ust-Koksa to Belukha base, through the lake Kucherla, along the Kucherla river and back along the Ak Kem river. The great Russian artist Nicolas Roerich dedicated his paintings to the beauty of Altai Krai.

Itinerary (show)
Novosibirsk - Ust-Koks Day 1. Novosibirsk - Ust-Koks
Departure from Novosibirsk at 20:00. Departure spot - 65, Sovetskaya str. (local time, time difference with Moscow +3 hours).

Ust-Koksa Day 2. Ust-Koksa
We will take famous Chuya Highway in the middle of the rocky landscapes of Altai Mountains, then we will cross Kanskaya plains to reach Uymonskaya valley. Arrival in Ust-Koksa village. Lunch. Receiving of equipment. Instructions. Dinner. Participants' meeting.

Trekking along the Kucherla river Day 3. Trekking along the Kucherla river
Early start. At 8:00 departure for Tiungur village. Trekking along the Kucherla river. The Kucherla river (from the Altai Kudzhur-Ly meaning "with salt springs") is formed by the junction of two mountain springs Miushtu-Airy and Koni-Airy. It has a wonderful milky colour of water with turquoise touch. The river is 50 km long; it cuts many mountain ranges and glacial clays on its way and fights with gorges creating an almost continuous chain of elaborated rapids. On our way we will explore a rock shelter at the Kuilu river, on the walls of which one can see more than 100 of rock carvings.

Trekking to Kucherla lake Day 4. Trekking to Kucherla lake
There are more than 40 lakes of tectonic, tarn and moraine nature in the valley of the Kucherla. The largest one is Kucherla lake limited in the East and West by the mountains ranges that throw their loose rocks in it from 3000 m above. Its south limit is marked by a narrow valley of the Kucherla, and the north one - by moraine deposits forming a dam. An ice blue-green water fills the lake.

Trekking under the mountain pass Kara-Tiurek. Day 5. Trekking under the mountain pass Kara-Tiurek.
All the day long we will walk through the forest to the mountain pass Kara-Tiurek. At the upper border of the forest the group organizes a tent camp.

Ascent to the mountain pass Kara-Tiurek Day 6. Ascent to the mountain pass Kara-Tiurek
(difficulty level 1A, 3060 m, type of obstacles - scree). From the Kara-Tiurek one can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Belukha mountain and endless peaks of the Katun mountains. It is a nice spot for photo and video shot. Overnight stop at the main camp of Ak-Kem lake (2010 m over the sea level).

Load free trekking to the base of Belukha mountain Day 7. Load free trekking to the base of Belukha mountain
Load free trekking to the base of Belukha mountain. Visit to the chapel. The route passes by Ak-Kem lake, several beautiful suspended bridges, it overcomes stone obstacles forming old moraine and leads to the upper reaches of the Ak-Kem river that comes out of the kingdom of ice and frost. Lunch at Ak-Kem glacier. A perfect opportunity for photo and video shot.

Free of load trekking to  Ak-Oyuk ravine, to seven lakes Day 8. Free of load trekking to Ak-Oyuk ravine, to seven lakes
Free of load trekking to Ak-Oyuk ravine, to seven lakes. Or excursion to Yarlu ravine (up to you), where stone town is situated. If the weather is fine and the participants' physical conditions are good, both routs can be realized the same day.

Descent along the Ak-Kem river Day 9. Descent along the Ak-Kem river
Descent along the Ak-Kem river. In Turco Ak-Kem means "white water" because the water in the river is of milky white tone. The river starts at Ak-Kem glacier and carries in its waters small pieces of stone lime from Belukha slopes.

Ascent to Kuzuyak mountain pass Day 10. Ascent to Kuzuyak mountain pass
Ascent of Kuzuyak mountain pass (altutude 1513 m), where you can find several shaman-trees full of ribbons called djalma. Descent to Tungur village. Transfer Tungur - Ust-Koksa. Firewell dinner.

Ust-Koks Day 11. Ust-Koks
Rest time. Handing out the equipment. For those who are interested, riding tours in the surroundings are organized (extra charge) o 2 hours hikking tour (extra charge). After lunch there is a visit planned to Verkhniy Uymon village. It is one of the most ancient settlements of Ust-Koksa region. 300 years ago the old believers founded the village. There are two museums in the village:
Regional Museum of Nicholas Roerich and Old Believers Museum.
After the guided tour, at 17:00 departure for Novosibirsk.

Arrival in Novosibirsk Day 12. Arrival in Novosibirsk
Arrival in Novosibirsk. Approximate time of arrival in Barnaul - 6:00, in Novosibirsk - 11:00. Meals during the transfer are not included.
Price includes (show)
full board (except meals during transfers),
service according to the tour program,
services of the guides,
group and individual equipment rent (tent, sleeping bag, carpet, backpack, fire equipment),
accommodation at the mountain camp at Ak-Kem lake (5th, 6th, 7th days of the tour) with a space for group meetings,
gas equipment and toilets,
accommodation at the area of touristic camp Uimoskiy Kovcheg (1st and 10th days),
insurance for the active part: medical insurance - 450000,
accidents insurance - 30000,
insurance: medical insurance - 150000,
accidents insurance - 30000,
guided tour to Verkhniy Uimon village (day 10),
tickets to Old Believers museum and the Roerich museum,
transfer Ust-Koksa - Tungur - Ust-Koksa,
horses for load (days 2,3,4,5) recreation fees.
Price does not include (show)
The tour price doesn't include
Transfer to Ust-Koks, meals during transfers, sauna.
Clothes and equipment (show)

 Clothes and equipment:
- rain protector
- trekking poles

Basic clothes set:
- down waistcoat
- wind protecting jacket (nylon, gore-tex)
- wind protecting trousers (nylon, gore-tex)
- polartec jacket
- trekking trousers
- shorts
- T-shirts/long sleeves shirts - 2 units
- cotton socks - 3-4 pieces, wool socks - 2 pieces
- trekking boots
- sun cap with peak
- hat (wool, polartec)
- thin gloves

Extra equipment (not the last one!):
- sun glasses
- head light (Petzl, Black Diamond)
- thermos
- sun screen
- lip balm
- towel, soap, tooth brush and paste
- individual medication (if necessary)

Safety (show)
Professional guides will guarantee your security besides the tour price includes medical and accident insurance.

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