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Chukotka. Cape Dezhnev
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Tourism types: Adventures, Trekking
Region: Russia » Chukotka. Cape Dezhnev
Length of Tour: 10 days, 9 nights

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There are places in the world that are specially created to challenge human strength. Chukotka is definitely one of them. A homeland of the eternal frost, winds and snowstorms, the rocky wedge of Chukotka cuts two oceans to uncover its unique beauty only for those who are ready to face obstacles. Due to its extreme climate conditions, the indigenous people have a very peculiar life filosofy where their existance was initially based on the superior purpose of survivance. That is why there was always a special stress made on the formation of strength of mind and body, physical endurance and agility at Chukotka.
The ancient land seems to respire the eternity. The whole image of Chukotka is penetrated with serenity, sincerity and bareness. Nowadays, in the third millennium, one can enjoy the same landscape once contemplated by the pioneer ancestors: earnestly simple shapes of the shorelines and mountains, straight valleys that seem to be cut out with a graver, 
accumulation of lakes and the cleanest rivers entering extremely cold seas. The hospitality of the native "land owners" will touch feelings of any tourist - the Chukchi, Yupik, Evens, Chuvans with their native dances and songs, their authentic art, carefully kept throughout centuries... Chukotka is a wonderful land able to preserve its life and capacity of prosperity notwithstanding severe polar conditions. During its short northern summer there is a miracle happening every year here in the situation of eternal frost - a real storm of nature renaissance overwhelming us with its unique beauty. The clamour of birds colonies, extremely blue colour of the firths merging into the sky, bright colours of tundra  resembling a spotty carpet...
Cape Dezhnev at Chukotka is where a day in Russia starts 


Itinerary (show)
Day 1.
Arrival in Anadyr airport, transfer to the town. Check in at the hotel, lunch.
Town highlights tour, visit to the regional museum center.

*Chukotka starts with Andyr. It is both the capital and the biggest populated locality of Chukotka. Its population consists of 12000 people. But you shouldn't be confused with such a reduced number. For Chukotka it is a real city. Anadyr is like small Moscow, where one can find everything. Besides, everything is "the most" here. The most beautiful, the cheapest and the most expensive. If you visit Andyr for the first time it can remind you a picturesque children's village. The common five-stores buildings are rainbow painted not only for esthetical reasons but also because of the medical needs as the lack of contrasted colours results in vision deterioration. There is a major accumulation of cultural and historical attractions in Andyr: the biggest wooden church of the world - Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, the world biggest monument of Saint Nicolas, memorial cross of Verblyuzhka mountain where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the capital, a unique museum center called The Heritage of Chukotka and many other places of interest.

Day 2.
Transfer to the airport. Departure for Lavrentiya village by a regular flight (AN-24). Transfer to Lorino village. Check-in at the apartment. The village highlights tour.

*Lorino (Chukchi: Lyuren, Yupik: Nukak) is a rural locality in Chukotsky Distrikt of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. It is the largest indigenous village of Chukotka peninsula.

The name of the village comes from the Chukchi word "lyuren" meaning "found camp". Lorino is located on the shores of Mechigmen spit of the Bering Sea. It is separated by 40,5 km of a made road from the district center of Lavrentiya. There are Lorinskiye (Kukunyskiye) hot springs in the vicinity of the village.

Day 3.
Motorboat trip to Cape Dezhnev. During the trip you will observe the marine mammals (ringed seals, whales) and bird colonies. Arrival in the ancient Yupik village of Naukan. Organization of the main tented camp. Free of load walk to the lighthouse - monument to Semyon Dezhnev. Overnight accommodation in the tented camp.
*Cape Dezhnev is the last point in all senses: it is an eastmost mainland point of Chukchi Peninsula, an eastmost point of Russia (Cape Dezhnev is where a day starts in Russia) and of Eurasia as well. It is a place where Northern Ocean ends if it is considered Chukchi Sea and where Pacific Ocean starts.

Day 4.
Walking through Cape Dezhnev territory. Visit to Lorino village

*Naukan is famous all over the world as an ancient Yupik capital. Although nowadays the settlement with thousand years history has almost completely disappeared. In 1958 the last ruins of the village were extinguished as a part of the state program aimed at enlargement of villages. There are only whale ribs coming out directly of the ground on the territory of the former settlement.

Day 5.
Visit to the arctic fox fur farm and Lorino bone carving workshop. Visit to Lorino thermal springs. Swimming in the springs. Departure for Lorino.

Day 6.
Motorboat visit to the Mechigmen spit. Walking through the area, exploration of the remains of the ancient Yupik settlement. Trip back to the village.

*Mechigmen is a mixed sand and shingle spit separating Mechigmen Guba from the Bering Sea. Its name is translated from the Chukchi "mechivmen" as "short". It is a term used by the locals for shingle spits that don't reach the opposite side of shore forming dumps.

The spit has northwest orientation and is of 13 km long, its extreme point is Cape Halvetkyn (in Chukchi: the place of death of an evil spell), it has abovethe sea level elevation of less than 1 meter. There are lakes Galgagytgyn, Kevalgytgyn and Tagryngytgyn situated at the beginning of the spit that are used by the water birds and waders for migration stops and nesting.
There is a large ancient Yupik settlement of sea hunters called Masik on the south shore of the spit. It was abandoned at the beginning of the XX century.

Day 7.
Departure for Lavrentiya village. Tour through the village. Check-in at the hotel.

Day 8.
Museum visit. Tour to Lorino thermal springs. Trip back to Lavrentuya

Day 9.
Departure for Andyr. Transfer to the hotel. Shopping for souvenirs and Chukchi specialities.

*At the end of the Andyr trip you can buy delicious Chukchi specialities: smoked salmon, variety of venison and of course red caviar, the best one in the Russian Far East. Apart form the food specialities there is a great amount of souvenirs made out of bone and fur presented in the Art Gallery for the visitors.

Day 10.
Transfer to the airport. Departure for Moscow.
Price includes (show)
- transfers, insurance, national flights, accommodation, guides, guided tours, rent of tents, fire equipment, sleeping bags, mats, transportation services, invitation documents preparation.
Price does not include (show)
- flight Moscow-Andyr-Moscow (from 1100 Euro), catering during the tour, chef and interpreter services are paid apart.
Clothes and equipment (show)

 warm clothes (for continental autumn season, water resistant footwear - sneakers, rain boots, army boots (up to you); personal hygiene items, medications, backpacks

Additional information (show)
During the boat trip you will observe marine mammals (whales, walruses, ringed seals) and bird colonies. We will make stops at the most picturesque places. The tour supposes testing of the local cuisine and introduction to the culture of seaside Chukchi. The tour risks: rough sea (the boat can´t depart), the weather conditions unfavourable for national flights.
Weather (show)
The domestic flights depart once a week. You will need some reserve days: if the weather is fine you can stay longer at Cape Dezhenev, if the weather is bad we´ll examine Lavretiya, Lorino, thermal springs.
Meal during the tour (show)
Food price at Anadyr - from 10 euro (lunch), at Lavrentiya - 10 euro (lunch), at Lorino we cook ourselves (as an option it is possible to pay locals to cook lunch and dinner). There are various cafes and restaurants in Anadyr (5-7 places), 1 place in Lavrentiya, nothing in Lorino.
At the camp the guide cooks on the fire o gas heater. The food is hot. If you go fishing, the fish soup is served, otherwise hot dishes are dried products mixed with hot water.

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