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Elbrus climb  Classic summer Program
Elbrus climb Classic summer Program

Home  >  Russia. Caucasus. Elbrus Region (Prielbrusye)  >  Trekking from the southern to northern slopes of the Elbrus

Programms » Trekking from the southern to northern slopes of the Elbrus

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Programm managers

Viktor Yanchenko
Viktor Yanchenko
Telephone: +7(495) 229-50-70 l.105
E-mail: director@elbrus-team.ru
Skype: director.elbrus-team.ru
Mobile: 8 (928) 225-4623

Marina Migurskaya
Marina Migurskaya
Telephone: +7 (495)229-50-70 (.106)
E-mail: chief@elbrus-team.ru
Skype: migur071
Mobile: +7(928) 651-47-48

Victoria Voroshilova
Victoria Voroshilova
Telephone: +7 (495) 229-50-70
E-mail: general@elbrus-team.ru
Skype: agent1.elbrus-team.ru
Mobile: +7(928)7167420

Programm guides

Daniil Timofeev
Sergey Fursov
Sergey Romanov
Viktor Yanchenko
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Tourism types: Trekking
Region: Russia » Caucasus » Elbrus Region (Prielbrusye)
Level of Proficiency: no special mountaineering skills or experience required; no health conditions contraindicative to staying in Alpine areas (heart or other chronic diseases); fitness level sufficient for long trekking in middle high mountains.
Length of Tour: 8 days, 7 nights

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 If you wish to see the Elbrus mountain from an uncommon angle, we would like to invite you to take a half ring trek around the Elbrus which goes south to north on its eastern side. This exciting adventure starts from the southern slope of this majestic mountain. It takes the guests 2 days to acclimatize to local alpine conditions, and during this time they take short treks to the Terskol Peak with its observatory, go past the Devichyi Kosy (“Maiden’s Hair”) waterfall and to the Elbrus slopes (4055m above the sea level), the location of the former 11 Shelter. On the 3d day the party leaves for V.Baksan village, the starting point of a trekking trail that goes across magnificent Alpine grasslands. With a bit of luck, in the upper reaches of the Kyrtyk gorge the guests may encounter Caucasian goats peacefully grazing in their natural mountain environment. The trail leading to the Elbrus northern slopes crosses 2 medium high mountain passes, the Kyrtykaush mountain pass (3232m) and the Severny Karakaysky mountain pass (2889m above the sea level). On the way, guests also visit the Jilysu thermal springs located on the Elbrus northern slopes and take a tour of a unique natural site, the so called “mushroom glade”. It’s a fascinating area with lots of weathered ancient rocks resembling fantastic mushrooms. On the way to the Mushroom glade guests go past another interesting site which the locals call, the Airdrome. Rumor has it that during WWII the Germans had their secret airfield there. It’s hard to say if this rumor can be trusted, since there’s nothing left in the area that would resemble the ruins of a war-time airfield, but this unusual natural scenery that does have some likeness to an airfield attracts lots of curious tourists. After two days trekking in most scenic areas in the Elbrus northern slopes the party takes a bus transfer to Pyatigorsk, one of the most beautiful cities in the Caucasian Mineral Water Springs area. The party checks in at a hotel, and after that guests are free to take a tour of the places associated with Mikhail Lermontov, a famous Russian poet, or take a cable railway trip to the Mashuk Mountain (993m above the sea level) which, weather permitting, offers a magnificent view of the Main Caucasian Range and the Elbrus, Europe’s highest mountain (5642m). In the evening, they may explore the city of Pyatigorsk illuminated with bright lights and ads, choose a café to their liking on the city’s main alley bordered with centuries old chestnut trees and share their impressions of the trip they have just made. Next morning, they leave for Mineralnye Vody Airport and take their flights home. 

Route: Mineralnye Vody Terskol village (2200m) the Elbrus slopes (4050m) V.Baksan village Kyrtyk-Aush mountain pass (3232m)- Severny Karakaysky mountain pass (2889m)- Jilysu Nochevki (2600m)- Mushroom Glade- Pyatigorsk city transfer to Mineralnye Vody

Itinerary (show)
Day 1.
Transfer from Mineralnye Vody to Terskol village, check in at hotel

Day 2.
Acclimatization at 11 Shelter. Ascent by pendulum cable car to Mir station and then on to Garabashi Station by seat cable car. Azau (2200m) Stary Krugozor(2950m) Mir(3500) Garabashi (3750m). Acclimatizing tour to elevation point 4050m, ascent across a snow plateau with easy slopes (8-10 degrees), duration: 1-1.5 hours. Short rest next to Diesel Hut, lunch (lunch boxes) and descent. Return to the hotel, discussion of nest day itinerary, preparation for going out into the Alpine zone.

Day 3.
Transfer Terskol- V. Baksan. Ascent along the Kyrtyk river canyon to the first camp. Night spent in tents.
The trail offers an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Kyrtyk scenic canyon and to visit the Ullukaya rock caves where some traces of the primitive man have been discovered.

Day 4.
Crossing of Kyrtyk-Aush mountain pass (3232m) with night spent there. Further trekking along the Kyrtyk river canyon to the foot of the Kyrtyk-Aush mountain pass. Mountain pass crossing (3232m). Night spent in tents.

Day 5.
Crossing of the Severny Karakaysky mountain pass (2889m) and descent to Jily-Su springs. Guests will have an opportunity to take a thermal bath or enjoy the view of the Sultan waterfall. Crossing of the Kalinov bridge and further trekking to the base camp site next to Emergency Service Base. Night spent in tents. The trail goes along grass and scree slopes at an angle of up to 30, easy stream crossings by rocks.

Day 6.
Ascent to the Mushroom Glade site located in a pretty green area at the height of 3200 through the Airdrome site. Ascent duration: 2-3 hours. On the Elbrus northern slope at the height of approximately 3000m in the Byrdgal terrain there exists a small (approx 250m by 100m) even and slightly sloping site with its unique rock formations which cant be seen anywhere else in the Caucasus. Nature the Magician created over 20 sculptures of local sparsely cemented tuff sandstone which the locals call, the Mushrooms.

Day 7.
Transfer to Pyatigorsk, accommodation in Intourist hotel, evening tour of historical places associated with Mikhail Lermontov, famous Russian poet.

Day 8.
Transfer from Pyatigorsk to Mineralnye Vody Airport, departure.
Price includes (show)
All transfers as provided by the itinerary
Pickup from and transfer to Mineralnye Vody Airport.
Accommodation at *** hotels: Terskol, 2 nights, Pyatigorsk, 1 night
While on trek, accommodation in mountain tents DBL
Rent and use of collective equipment (tents, ropes) and kitchen gear.
Meals: HB in base and other camps plus lunch boxes when going on treks
Experienced guide throughout the trip
Ascent permit and national park license
Safety measures: registration with Emergency service, radio communication system, first aid kit.
Price does not include (show)
Mountaineering insurance
Flight to and from Mineralnye Vody
Rent of personal mountaineering equipment
Extra food and alcohol
Excursions and entertainment in Pyatigorsk
Extra transfers
Extra night hotel accommodation (in case of an early descent)
SGL accommodation
Kitchen service
Safety (show)
Your guides will see to your safety provided that you comply with all the safety and accident prevention rules. Your guide will carry a radio set, a GPS set, a mobile phone and all the collective gear you may need. It lies within the sole authority of the guide attending the group to make a decision to terminate the ascent under any conditions threatening the partys safety. Such decision made by the guide is not subject to any debates. The guide is responsible for taking measures ensuring the partys safety in all types of mountain terrain.
Additional information (show)
Extremal sports life and personal accident insurance is obligatory for every party member
Medical service (show)
The guide has a first aid kit. In case of emergency, he will be able to contact, any time and any place, an Emergency Service rescue team. Guests are requested to have all their specific or individual drugs.
Communication (show)
On every trek the guide always carry a radio set and a satellite phone which enables him to make any necessary connection, any time and any place. Mobile lines do not cover areas past the Tuzluk mountain. Guests have an opportunity to use a satellite line, for extra fee. All hotels provide wireless internet connection.
Meals: (show)
HB, in Terskol hotel, BB, in Pyatigorsk.
On the trek, guests cook their meals (with their guide supervising). In case you have any diet particulars or restrictions (e.g., a vegetarian), you are kindly requested to inform us in advance. Well do our best to make you trip most comfortable.

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Home  >  Russia. Caucasus. Elbrus Region (Prielbrusye)  >  Trekking from the southern to northern slopes of the Elbrus

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