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Tourism types: Adventures, Trekking
Region: Russia » Kamchatka
Length of Tour: 10 days, 9 nights

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Number of guests per one group: up to 16 persons.  Guests may choose to join a certain part of the tour only; individual itinerary will be designed on their request.
This tour will give you an opportunity to visit Kamchatka’s unique tourist sites such as the Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake, where you will be able to see Kamchatka brown bears fishing, sea eagles and salmon passage and spawning. You will also have a chance to fish and to taste local salmon. 
You will travel the Kamchatka Peninsula from south to the north and cross several climate zones. You will reach the heart of Kamchatka, with its largest volcanoes in Eurasia. You will have a chance to visit the area of most intensive volcanic activity in Russia. 
You will also have an opportunity to climb the Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3085m) and the new volcanic cones of 1975 Northern breakout (299 and 278m) as well as take a walk to the Dead Forest, the vast area burned down during an eruption. 
You will have a chance to experience the wonders of Geyser valley and go on a sea cruise to Avacha bay and into the Pacific. 
While on tour, you will have a chance to swim in several natural warm springs and thermal water swimming pools.
The Dvukhyurtochnoye Lake is surrounded by rocky mountains, it is one of the largest spawning water reservoirs in Kamchatka. Every year more than 120-150 thousand salmon come to spawn here, and approximately 500 brown bears also come to the lake shore and to its tributaries - to fish and to gather fat before their winter sleep. This spot will give you an excellent opportunity to see bears fishing in their natural environment. 
Apart from bears, visitors may also encounter sea eagles, otter, fox and minx. All these animals also come to the lake and to the streams to enjoy their helping of fish. 
The lake area is a wonderful spot for taking landscape and wildlife pictures as well as for successful salmon fishing. 
Dvuhyurtochnaya tourist and health camp consists of six cabins each containing double rooms, and a large building housing a kitchen and a canteen. No indoor toilets, there are several outhouses. There’s an excellent thermal water swimming pool open 24/7. The camp is located at the foot of a valley border on a vast site rich in gryphons and various thermal springs.
Itinerary (show)
Day 1.
Pickup from the airport and transfer to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky. Check in at Petropavlovsk 3* Hotel. Time to rest. Transfer to Paratunka, swimming in thermal water pool.

Day 2.
Optional helicopter tour to Geyser Valley and to the caldera of the Uzun volcano, or a sea cruise to Avacha bay and the Pacific ocean.
In the evening, return to the hotel.

Day 3.
Automobile transfer to the village of Kozyrevsk (500km). On the way, a stop in Malkino for swimming in its thermal springs, lunch in Milkovo village. Accommodation at a private tourist camp (wooden cabins) located on a specially equipped site. Traditional Russian steam bath.

Day 4.
Helicopter transfer to Dvukhyurtochnoye mountain lake (40 min). During the flight, weather permitting, guests will have a chance to enjoy the panoramic view of Klyuchevskaya volcano group as well as the Shiveluch, Alney and Chashakondzha volcanoes.
Accommodation at Dvukhyurtochnaya tourist and health camp (wooden cabins, DBL). Swimming in medicinal thermal springs. Lunch in the canteen. Walk to the Dvukhyurtochnaya mountain stream (600m). Watching bears fishing for passing salmon.

Day 5.
Watching bears and salmon passage. Salmon fishing in the lake. Boat trip of the lake. Swimming in medicinal thermal springs. Tasting red caviar and freshly caught fish.

Day 6.
Watching bears and time to rest. After lunch, helicopter transfer to Kozyrevsk village. During the flight you will have an opportunity to enjoy the view of the spurs of the Alney volcano and to see congealed lava streams of the Chashakondzha volcano.
Automobile transfer to the foot of the most scenic volcano mass made up by the Ostry and Plosky Tolbachik volcanoes (90km, 4 hours). On the way, in good weather guests will have a chance to enjoy the view of Kamchatkas tallest volcanoes: Krestovsky (4057m), Ushkovsky (3903m), Klyuchevsky (4750), Kamen (4579m), Plosky Tolbachik (3082m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3672m).
Night sleep in tents.

Day 7.
Tour of after-effects of 2013 eruption (the new cone, vast new lava fields, lava passing caves, stone images and congealed lava conglomerates.

Day 8.
Ascent of Plosky Tolbachik volcano (3085m, optional). Its an easy climb across slag fields and lava flows which takes 7-8 hours and presents a great opportunity to see the panorama of the whole Klyuchevskaya volcano group. The giant crater at the top of the volcano is 1.8km wide and more than 500m deep.
Return to the camp. Night sleep in tents.

Day 9.
Automobile tour to Northern Breakout. Ascent of Tolbachik cones miniature volcanoes 150-200m tall each. Transfer to South Breakout (15km). Tour of South Breakout cones and the Dead Forest which was burned down during slag and ash eruption of 1975. Return to the camp. Night sleep in tents.

Day 10.
Return to the city. Early pickup and automobile transfer to Petropavlovsk (580km, 8-9 hours). Check in at Petropavlovsk 3* Hotel. Time to rest or take a walk in the city. On the way, lunch in Milkovo village.
Price includes (show)
1. Full board during the active part of tour (starting from dinner, 3d day, till breakfast, 10th day)
2. Guide service throughout the tour.
3. Kitchen service.
4. Rent of Basic equipment (tents, dishes, mats etc)
5. Transfers (helicopter, bus, jeep).
6. Accommodation in 3*hotel and tourist camp DBL
7. Salmon fishing in the lake.
8. Swimming in thermal water pools.
Price does not include (show)
1. Lunch and dinner while staying at hotels and during transfers (Price appr. 150-300 rubles in a café, 300-600 rubles at a restaurant).
2. Optional tours (to Geyser Valley and Sea cruise).
3. Alcohol.
4. Single room accommodation at the hotel available for extra price of 13000 rubles per person (not applicable to the lake tourist camp).
Clothes and equipment (show)
1. A backpack or a bag/holdall
2. Sleeping bag 
3. Trekking or rubber boots 
4. Additional pair of footwear (sneakers) 
5. Toiletries, beach towels and a swimming costume 
6. A jacket with a hood and a light and warm vest. 
7. A sweater or a sweatshirt 
8. Sun glasses
9. Headgear 
10. Head light 
11. Gloves
12. Trekking poles
13. Personal first aid kit
14. Mosquito spray. 
Additional information (show)
Helicopter tour to Geyser Valley and the caldera of the Uzun volcano only takes place under good weather conditions, and is paid for additionally. In summer of 2014 the price per person was 33000 rubles.

Sea cruise also takes place in good weather only, the price in summer season of 2014 was 3800-4000 rubles per person.

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Home  >  Russia. Kamchatka  >  THE LAND OF BEARS AND VOLCANOES

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