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Home  >  News  >  Expedition "Alanian way. From Elbrus to Dzhimara"


Expedition "Alanian way. From Elbrus to Dzhimara"

Expedition "Alanian way. From Elbrus to Dzhimara"

Date: 16.10.12
Author: Alpindustria Adventure Team
Tourism types: Adventures, Expeditions
Regions: Bezengi, Elbrus Region (Prielbrusye)

Alpindustria Adventure Team took part in the new project "Alanian way. From Elbrus to Dzhimara", which started October 13, 2012 in the framework of the development of the North Caucasus.Five specially trained SUV that should drive along the Greater Caucasus (from Kislovodsk to Dzhimara), will pave a new route developed by the the North Caucasian Mountain Club.The purpose of this unique project is to promote and develop active-adventure tourism in the Caucasus, as well as to explore the cultural heritage of the peoples who inhabited the region for centuries.

Видео: woozily-studio  
Thread route: Essentuki - Kislovodsk - North Elbrus, Gily-su - Tyrnyauz - Azau Elbrus - village Bylyme - Chegem waterfalls - the village of El tyubyu, crypts - Chegem gorge - village Bezengi - Bezengi mountaineering camp - village Bezengi - village Upper Balkaria  - The ruins of the village of Old Balkaria - City of the Dead - the gorge Suukan-su gorge - Tashly-tala - Digorskaya Valley - Village Komunta - Upper Zgid - Tsey - Sanctuary Recom - Tsey - Dougom - Fiagdon - Dargavs, city of the dead - waterfalls Zeygelen - Zeygelen - the way to the glacier Midagrabin and down the mountain Dzhimara - Vladikavkaz.
Duration of the program 9 days.

Throughout the way members will visit the world-famous regions of the North Caucasus (Elbrus,Bezengi, Chegem gorge) and in remote and insufficiently studied areas of this unique region.Enjoy the beautiful peaks and alpine meadows, glaciers, gorges and waterfalls. Project members were able to see with their own eyes and touch the archaeological sites, settlements, temples, graves, menhirs and other artifacts of ancient civilizations that existed in the region thousands of years ago.



The organizers, participants and partners of the expedition:
North Caucasian mountain club, team adventure Alpindustria, Top Travel, Russia Discovery, Woozily Studio.

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Home  >  News  >  Expedition "Alanian way. From Elbrus to Dzhimara"

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